My approach to wedding photography is lifestyle.  i enjoy telling the story of your day through the images i capture.  i want you to look back on your photos and feel all the emotions you felt that day and feel like you are there again.  i love capturing classic images in a fun, relaxed way during portrait time and then quietly letting your day unfold before my lens.

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Sarah captured the exhilaration of our wedding day in such a creative and classic way. her calm demeanor put us at ease, and she kept our family and friends laughing as she seamlessly coordinated everyone in the photos.  her skills behind the camera really showcased our most favorite moments of the day.  during our ceremony, i briefly glanced towards my mom during a funny moment, and she captured that priceless expression on camera.  my mom and i laugh each time we see the photo.  we are grateful to have such amazing pictures to commemorate our favorite day.”     Becky & Kurt


“My husband and i have had a wonderful experience with sarah.  we feel truly blessed to have had her as our photographer for our special day.  sarah is very talented and has a very keen sense, which comes out in her ability to capture your special day.  from the photos that sarah captured on our wedding day, she was able to tell a story , a story that truly reflects my husband and i and our personality.  in addition to sarah being extremely talented, she is very warm, inviting and easy to work with.  she can work with any kind of situation or dynamics that are presented her way.  she made our wedding day very memorable for us, we will always be grateful for her hard work!”     Jenny & Lee


“On my wedding day sarah was a dream come true!  she got along with literally EVERYONE in my family (even the little babies) which made logistics and family pictures a total breeze!  there were a few times (ceremony, speeches, etc) where i truly forgot sarah was present.  not only could she work well with so many personalities for the posed/planned pictures, but she also did a phenomenal job of blending in to the moment and capturing those little details and raw emotions you want to remember forever.  it was wonderful to have someone to direct your bridal party and allow you to not only have a BLAST but also stick to your timeline as well.  i’m obsessed with our pictures. sarah truly captured the feel of our day, our personalities and the gorgeous venues.  i couldn’t have asked for more wonderful of an outcome!”     Kerri & Brian


“Sarah was an absolute joy to work with.  her personality is delightful; she is fun and very professional. she is very organized (pre-wedding and on the actual day) and does a great job working efficiently during potentially chaotic moments.  her photography skill is exceptional.  photography for our wedding was one of the most important components, and we were very anxious about choosing ‘the right’ photographer.  sarah did not disappoint.  we are so happy with our photos.  sarah went above and beyond for us.  we will forever recommend her to our friends and family.”     Ashley & Kurt


“Sarah did a wonderful job capturing memories through photographs on our wedding day.  from the time we started consulting with her, to the time that we received our final photographs, we couldn’t have been more pleased.  she was well-prepared and also willing to hear our thoughts and opinions.  as a bride, you don’t always get to see your guests arriving, or attendants walking down the aisle.  sarah was able to capture that all in a photograph and it made me feel like i got to experience a whole new side to my wedding.”     Tiffany & Nick


“We had the best experience with sarah.  she was the only vendor who we knew immediately after meeting, we had to book her.  sarah has a beautiful portfolio of photos, and i’m thrilled we were able to work with her.  she goes out of her way to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.  she got all of the shots we requested and has a creative eye to get shots you never knew you wanted.  we’re left with an album full of incredible wedding photographs that we love to show off to friends and family, who are all stunned by the beauty of sarah’s photography.  you would be very lucky to book sarah for your upcoming wedding – or anything else for that matter!”     Ron & Tracy


“… As the day progressed into the reception, i am not sure how she did it, but by the photos you would think we had about 5 photographers!  she seemed to be everywhere at once and captured every moment perfectly.  as my wife and i were looking through the photos, we were amazed to see many things that we hadn’t caught ourselves.  there were also many times that we saw a photo of a time during the reception where we had no idea sarah was near us.  we could not be happier with our choice and sarah gave us photos to last a lifetime!  i would highly recommend her to anyone!”     Josh & Amy


“… On the day of the wedding, sarah was very organized and efficient.  we had a lot of family photos to take after the ceremony and she knew that i wanted to get those done quickly.  she knew exactly how to line everyone up and what order to do them all in.  our wedding party pictures in downtown green bay turned out fabulously fun!  even though sarah didn’t know the location prior to arriving, she had so many creative ideas.  at the reception, she captured every moment and then some.  she was everywhere, but we never knew she was there.  booking sarah was one of the BEST decisions we made for our wedding.  i would recommend her photography to anyone.  we have a TON of pictures of our wedding day along with a beautiful album that will allow us to relive the special moments of that day over and over again.  THANK YOU, Sarah!”     Shayla & Ryan


“Sarah was great to work with, i knew it would be the first time we met with her.  she engaged very easily with us, the wedding party, and family and it was really fun.  she took tons of pictures which i love and she made it seem so easy.  we had a great time with her and she was so detailed in capturing those special moments, whether they were the traditional posed or spontaneous shots.  sarah is a great photographer; her work and personality reflect that very much.”     Diana & Dave